Generation Annihilation Playlist October 6th 2012.

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DOA W/Jello Biafra – Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors LP That’s Progress (Alternative Tentacles)
DOA – We Come In Peace CD We Occupy (Sudden Death)

The Jolts – 8% LP Loudness (Sudden Death)
Liquor Kings – 100 Proof CD Live It Up Tonight (Self Released)
Nervebreakers – We Want Everything LP How Can You Tell (Get Hip)
New York Dolls – S/T LP Trash (Phonogram Inc)

Hard Skin – Same Meat Different Gravy LP Millwall Mark (Ermit)
The Blood – False Gestures CD Sucker (Captain Oi!)
ABH – The Oi! Collection CD 999 (Captain Oi!)
Subculture – The Oi! Collection CD Stick Together (Captain Oi!)

Arctic Flowers – Procession 12″ True Words (Self Released)
Crimson Scarlet – S/T 7″ Two Kinds Of Red (CSR)
White Lung – Sorry CD Deadbeat (Deranged)
The Living Deadbeats – S/T 12″ Control Freak (Self Released)

Born Wrong – Split w/Klein 96 10″ Burn A Dept (Self Released)
Brain Killer – S/T 7″ War (Vinyl Rites)
The Forum – S/T 7″ The Masters Wall (Harsh Crust)
Asile – Kichesspi Toxic 12″ Haute/Tension (Rust And Machine)

System Shit – Unreleased CD Loss Of Words (Demo)
System Shit – Unreleased CD No More (Demo)
System Shit – Unreleased CD Brutality Squad (Demo)