Generation Annihilation Playlist October 7th 2017.

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The Exploited – The Massacre LP The Massacre (Rough Justice)

GBH – City Baby Attacked By Rats LP Gunned Down (Clay)
The Accused – Grinning Like An Undertaker LP Bullet Ridden Bodies (Rough Justice)
Circle Jerks – Golden Shower Of Hits LP Under The Gun (Lax)
DI – Team Goon LP I Like Guns (XXX)

Barbed Wire Braces – Brace Yourself 7″ Brainwashed (Bald Punk Music)
Phane – 10 Charged Trax 12″ Liar (Thought Decay)
Anti-System – At What Price Is Freedom? 12″ False Flag Media (Boss Tuneage)
Criminal Justice – Complete Collection LP Intro/Lebanese Lifestyle (Vomito Punk Rock)
Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Resist Mental Slaughter

R.I.P – No Te Mueuag! LP Ultima Generacion (Guns Of Brixton)
Koratu – S/T LP Don Vito
Decibelios – OI! LP Kaos (DRO)
Eskorbuto – Anti-Todo LP Historia Triste (B-Core)

Zellots – S/T 7″ On The Dole (Supreme Echo)
Dishrags – Three LP Love Is Shit (Supreme Echo)
Plasmatics – Stand By Your Man 7″ Stand By Your Man (Valkyre)
Macho Boys – S/T 12″ No Thanks (Neck Chop)

Sore Points – S/T 7″ Be Alone (Hosehead)