Generation Annihilation Playlist September 10th 2016.

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Sub Hum Ans – Worlds Apart LP Apathy (Bluurg)
Sub Hum Ans – The Day The Country Died LP Killing (Bluurg)

Kicker – Rendered Obsolete LP You Cant Take Me Anywhere (Tank Crimes)
Kicker – Not Yet LP Broke
Raukous “Apparitions” – Mental Constraints (Nothing But A Nightmare)
Amebix – No Sanctuary LP Moscow Madness (Alternative Tentacles)

The Brass – Desperation 7″ Desperation
Crown Court – Capital Offence LP Hatred But Rated (Kantora Works)
Alternate Action – Thin Line LP Never Again (Lonshot)
Bishops Green – Back To Our Roots 7″ Wake Up (Lonshot)
Skinflicks – Steel Toe Anthems 7″ Kings Without A Crown (Blind Beggar)

Vains – You May Not Believe 7″ The Fake (No Three’s)
S.L.I.P. – Mental Abuse” – Mental Abuse (Mind Cure)
Mad Existence “S/T” – Identity (Vinyl Conflict)
The Clitboys – We Don’t Play The Game 7″ Slogan Boy (Beer City)

Death Sentence – Not A Pretty Sight 12″ Death Squad (Fringe)
Dayglo Abortions – Armageddon Survival Guide 12″ I Love My Mom (Unrest)
The Gagged -Trainwreck CD Vacant Stare
Bogue Brigade – Invisible Enemy

Discharge – End Of Days LP Killing Yourself To Live (Nuclear Blast)