Generation Annihilation Playlist September 11th 2010.

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Fearless Iranians From Hell – S/T 7”, Blow Up The Embassy (Boner)
Defiance – Out Of The Ashes LP, Terrorist Attack (Punkcore)

Final Conflict – S/T 7”, In The Family (Havoc)
Willfull Neglect – Both 12”’s On One LP, Abort The Mission (Havoc)
Offenders – Endless Struggle LP, You Got Right (Rabid Cat)
Offenders – Endless Struggle LP, Face Down (Rabid Cat)
CIA – God Guns Guts LP, Death (More Than A Witness)

DOA – Talk Minus Action Equals Zero CD, Rebel Kind (Sudden Death)
Real Problems – Scum City Girls CD, Its Over Baby (Self Released)
White Lung – S/T CD, Atlanta (Deranged)
Damages – S/T 7”, Saving Face (React!)

Spectres – Last Days LP, Stasi (A Whisper In Darkness)
Crisis – Hymns Of Faith LP, Laughin’(La Vida Es Un Mus)
Amebix – Redux LP, Chain Reaction (Profane Existence)

Deviated Instinct – Hiatus LP, Scarecrow (Peaceville)
Hellshock – They Wait For You Still LP, Dead Lights (Black Water)
Contagium – Archaic LP, Traced (The Total End)