Generation Annihilation Playlist September 17th 2016.

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Dead End Cruisers – Friday Nights 7″ Friday Nights (TKO)
SC Volunteers – S/T 7″ Salute/Thursday’s (TKO)

Speedball Racer – Ameritrash 7″ Rocket2Uranus (Blonde Mafia)
The Stitches -Automatic 7″ Electroshock Carol (TKO)
The Spy’s – Windsor 7″ Machine (Ugly Pop)
The Statics – Original 1980 Punk Rock 7″ Mr. Bill (Ugly Pop)
Forbidden Beat – Driving You Insane 7″ Death By Insanity (Undergrowth)

Dead Heroes – S/T 7″ Unreachable (TKO)
Terminus City – Split w/Bloody Sods 7″ Landlord (Reactionary)
Street Troopers – Montreal 7″ The War (Knockout)
Niblick Henbane – Land Of The Brave 7″ Hoodlum (Headache)
Those Unknown – Distribution 7″ What We’re Saying (Pogo Stick)

Haymaker – Lost Tribe 7″ Holy War Idiot (Deranged)
Strung Up – Warfucked 7″ Warfucked (Tank Crimes)
Salted City -Rebirth 7″ No Control (Adeline)
The Formaldehyde Junkies – Are A Total Wreck 7″ Nuke The Frats
Subjugated – S/T 7″ Lost World Lost Cause (Beer City)
Public Nuisance – Cheap Sex And Booze 7″ Eating Shit Again (Profane Existence)

Pipebomb – S/T 7″ Beer Run