Generation Annihilation Playlist September 1st 2012.

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The Partisans – The Time Was Right LP The Time Was Right

The Estranged – Subliminal Man LP Lunacy
The Red Dons – Fake Meets Failure LP My Life In Exile
No Problem – And Now This LP Most Days
Chron Gen – Chronic Generation LP Mindless Few
Terrible Feelings – Impending Doom 7″ Impending Doom

Truncheons – S/T 7″ Cashing In On Freedom
Ripper – S/T 7″ Death Rider
Death Machine – S/T CS sorcerers of madness
Systematik – S/T CS Corrupted Thoughts
Zyanose – Insane Noise Raid LP Greed/Lust
Disarm – Domd 7″ Domd

Wretched – Libero Di Vivere/Libero Di Morire LP Finira Mai?
Midnite Brain – CS
Mauser – Isolation 12″ Catacombs
Napalm Raid – Mindless Nation LP Endless Walls
Uncurbed – Punks On Parole LP Punks On Parole

Wolf Brigade – Prey To The World LP Mind Prowler