Generation Annihilation Playlist September 9th 2017.

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Subhumans – 29:29 Split Vision LP Think For Yourself (Bluurg)
Citizen Fish – Millenia Madness LP Backlash (Lookout)

Oxymoron – Fuck The 90’s LP Hey You (Knockout)
Wretched Ones – Go To Work CD Mind Your Own Business (Headache)
US Bombs – Warbirth LP Warbirth (Hellcat)
Bonecrusher – Working For Nothing CD Running Scared (Hostage)

Macho Boys – S/T 12″ Dinosaur (Neck Chop)
Subversive Rite – The Demo 12″ Idols For Sale (Bloody Masters)
Exit Order – Seed Of Hysteria 12″ Still Water (La Vida Un Es Mus)
Grit – S/T 7″ Back Up Loader (Visions Of Warning)
Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CD Just Another Piece Of Acid

Chow-Line – Demo 2 CS Intro/Socialized
Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Ruptured Thoughts (Pain Killer)
Sick Ritual – My Problem
Obscene Being – Rot And Decay CD Working Or Dead

Glassed – Demo CS Your Choice
Glassed – Demo CS Judge Bastard
Glassed – Demo CS Cold N Dead
Glassed – Demo CS Antisocial

Asomvel – World Shaker