Generation Playlist January 4th 2014.

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Big Boys – Fun Fun Fun 12″ Nervous (540)

The Business – Harry May 7″ National Insurance Blacklist (Ugly Pop)
Cockney Rejects – Flares And Slippers 7″ Wanna Be A Star (Ugly Pop)
Blitz – All Out Attack 7″ Someones Gonna Die (Ugly Pop)
The Partisans – Police Story 7″ Police Story (Ugly Pop)

Stiv Bators – Last Stand 7″ Third Generation Nation (Ugly Pop)
The Bureaucrats – S/T 7″ Grown Up Age (Ugly Pop)
The Damned – Live Shepperton 1980 LP Second Time Around (Big Beat)
Subterfudge – Who’s The Fool LP Who’s The Fool (Mystic)

Bl’ast! – Blood! LP Shhhh (Southern Lord)
Final Conflict – Ashes To Ashes LP Crucifixion (Pusmort)
Crucifix – Exhibit A LP See Through Their Lies (Kustomized)
Agent 86 – S/T 7″ Media Youth
Bad Skin – s/t 7″ We’re Dogs

DRI – Dealing With It LP Snap (Beer City)
The Accused – Martha Splatterheads Maddest Stories Ever Told LP Starved To Death (Combat Core)
DI – Team Goon LP Purgatory (XXX)
Suicidal Tendencies – Mystic Sampler # 1 LP I Saw Your Mommy (Mystic)

Slayer – Reign in Blood LP Necrophobic (American Recordings)