Generation Annihilation March 28th 2015.

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Bloody Hammer – S/T LP Streetfighter (Hardcore Victim)

Citizen Fish – Active Ingredients LP Active Ingredients (Lookout)
Inner Terrestrials – Enter The Dragon LP Enter The Dragon (Maloka)
Conflict – Rebellion Sucks! CD Climbing The Stairs (Mortarhate)
UK Subs – Yellowlleader CD Rebellion Songs (Captain Oi!)

The Suburbs – The Good Times Are Gone LP Oi! Boys (Contra)
Last Crusade – 2014 Demo, Morally Bankrupt
Crown Court – Trouble From London, Trouble From London
Bishops Green – Pressure LP Silence (Longshot)
Kroovy Rookers – Better Than A Kick In The Yarbles CD What Can I Say

Bodies In Panic – This Aint Rock N Roll LP Democracy Or Die (Buy Our Records)
Fatal Rage – S/T LP Die Lady Di (Screaming Mutha)
Career Suicide – Attempted Suicide 12″ Recipee For Disaster (Deranged)
Long Knife – Possession 7″ Wilderness (Long Knife)

Tau Cross – S/T LP Lazarus (Relapse)
Slimy Member – EP The Corpse
Born Dead Icons – Salvation On The Knees Salvation On The Knees (Partners In Crime)